Growing up

Children grow up, but how they develop is hard to determine. Some, if they don't get any education, will stay poor; others will rise above their circumstances and succeed in life.

Test of life

Most do not know that this life is a test of quality. Since God will eventually wipe away every tear and pain will be no more; we as stewards of this planet should do our utmost to pass this test.

Caring for orphans brings out of us some of the best qualities. But pity itself won't do; for pity sometimes even worsens things.

With your financial aid and care we endeavour to impregnate the mind with new winning mentality.

We teach the helpless to rise and help others while helping themselves.

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Caring for orphans

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The House of Mercy has proven its viability. Before Ruben Angelakurthi's passing it functioned as a school and orphanage. Many of the kids have reached adulthood and now live honorable lives earning their own living.

As they were helped, now they can also help others. However, the needs are enormous for the incessant oppression of the upper classes does not make allowances for any progress of the destitute.

The age-old structure of the Indian society is rigid and merciless. An outside humanitarian influence has made some marks in the area of awareness and sensitivity.

Work places employing children are being exposed and clamped down in the name of decency.

Children must not be exploited for any reason. If children are exploited then they lose any sense of right and wrong.Bettina's Creations

Our teachers and managers of the orphanage get proper education and must strictly adhere to these regulations with their own understanding of the situation.

These toys are handmade in Germany by our manager Bettina Münchberg, are sold and proceeds are used for the support of children in India.

Kids have nothing to play with, neither do they know how to play. With Bettina's art workshop they will learn how to use their imagination and creativity.

Thank you for caring.


The Caring Hand Foundation (Members corporation) was established in October 2005.

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