Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.

Nature & Life

It does not matter if one is pro nature or not, in the long run everyone will be for nature, but for some it will be too late.

Greed accelerates decay, and the planet we are the stewards of; will fall into disrepair, and that is just a mild form of expression.

It will be disastrous for us all, for foliage absorbs Carbon-Dioxide and produces Oxygen, which we need to breathe each day.

Money alone won't fix it, but TLC (tender loving care) will.

Time is running out for us all.

Economic needs are growing so fast that the world can't keep up with? ...

Yes it can.

All those tunnels filled with gold and platinum will never take away the insecurity of those who stored these metals in there, be it Switzerland, Liechtenstein or other offshore banks.

We appeal to corporations to join us in the noble cause of preserving what is still left.

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Caring for the environment

Muir Woods

Preserving the still unspoiled beauty of God's creation.

It is our task and indeed a responsibility to preserve nature's beauty.

"When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the universe."

John Muir

The beauty that surrounds us must be preserved for it lifts our spirits and makes us admire the Creator of all things.

However one wants to interpret divinity, still, as long as we are the custodians of this planet - in more than one sense of the word - we aspire to inspire those who seem oblivious.

When we start to pay attention to our surroundings, and start to care then we also begin to use the available to us tools like seedlings; and even improve on the feral nature.

We cultivate beauty and promote it »


The Caring Hand Foundation (Members corporation) was established in October 2005.

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