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What is love? Is not love a feeling, a thought and an act? Love never seeks to destroy, but to rebuild that which violence brought down. Love is a vision filled with bright colors one aspires to bathe in but also decorate others with. Love rubs shoulders and always inspires to reach heights yet unknown to most, yet to some they are known. Love extracts the best out of those inclined to love. Sharing love and its essence brings us closer to the seed of perfection sown in us from before we were born.

Creating joy

Joy is not received for it has to be created first. Someone turns it into motion at will. Someone cares enough to brighten up your day. Joy is the thing everyone needs. Joy needs to be nurtured, lifted and heralded. Joy is breakable, fragile and delicate if not shielded from harm and the violence of another man; joy will evaporate into emptiness. Joy is made, yes, it is created, out of the endowed with divinity wares provided long time ago. It wipes tears away turning nightmares into happy dreams.

Seek peace and pursue it...

Peace in your heart. Peace on the street. Peace on your tongue. Peace on your mind. Peace that spreads. Peace that brings a smile. Peace is pure water. Peace is clean food. No pollution, destitution, poverty and stench. Peace heals and mends fractured bones. Peace revives and even resurrects. Peace is the commodity you can't afford to lose. Peace is the mortar that joins stones and bricks, it builds homes and it licks wounds and heals scars. When peace is embraced the miraculous arrives.


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Caring for the orphans
Caring for the orphans
Caring for the elderly

"It's not how much we give but how much love we put into giving.”

― Mother Teresa

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